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About Nick Ely-Myers

I am an artist who draws from his heart and soul.

Citrus Dream

This is a painting I did during art class. It’s based off of three limes, one of them is cut down the middle. I focused in getting the shades of green. When using acrylic paint with water, the paint becomes … Continue reading

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Artful Elephant

My picture today is an elephant. I had fun doing this because I like doing patterns. This drawing wasn’t about the elephant it was about creating and drawing your own patterns. We used gel pens to draw the patterns and … Continue reading

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Hyacinth Macaw

I was going through pictures I made throughout the past year and I found my hyacinth macaw (a rare species of macaw). When I was water coloring it the paint was spreading in all directions and was messy. I tried … Continue reading

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Tiger Lily

Tonight we made a Tiger Lily using oil pastels and a special brush cleaner solvent that painters often use. We used the solvent to soften the tone on the petals and to blend the colors gently. This is my first … Continue reading

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I am inspired by animals; most especially African animals. Last week in art class I created one of my favorite animals. A Zebra! This zebra was a lot of fun to draw and make it come to life. We started … Continue reading

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