Citrus Dream

Citrus Dream

This is a painting I did during art class. It’s based off of three limes, one of them is cut down the middle. I focused in getting the shades of green. When using acrylic paint with water, the paint becomes very thin. Because of this I started off with a basic green and let it dry. Each class, I worked on adding more and more color, slowly at first. Then adding the finishing touches like texture.

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Artful Elephant

Elephant 2.13

My picture today is an elephant. I had fun doing this because I like doing patterns. This drawing wasn’t about the elephant it was about creating and drawing your own patterns. We used gel pens to draw the patterns and if you don’t know what gel pens are they are just pens with gel inside so you can get a nice line.

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Hyacinth Macaw

I was going through pictures I made throughout the past year and I found my hyacinth macaw (a rare species of macaw). When I was water coloring it the paint was spreading in all directions and was messy. I tried my best to fix it, but that didn’t work so well. After that art class I kept practicing and drawing it different ways but starting at the same spot I finally got the hang of drawing the bird and now it has been burned into my brain. I can quickly and easily draw the hyacinth macaw and make it look good. Hyacinth Macaw 1 water color

Hyacinth Macaw 2 crayon

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Tiger Lily

Tonight we made a Tiger Lily using oil pastels and a special brush cleaner solvent that painters often use. We used the solvent to soften the tone on the petals and to blend the colors gently. This is my first floral scape and I’m pleased with the results. Feedback is always appreciated. Color is everything – especially with flowers!Tiger Lily

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Zebra Head Zebra

I am inspired by animals; most especially African animals.

Last week in art class I created one of my favorite animals. A Zebra! This zebra was a lot of fun to draw and make it come to life. We started off by drawing the eye and then we used the eye to place other parts of the body. My favorite parts to draw were the hooves; I think the front hooves came out better than the back ones! I also really like how the eye turned out. I used colored pencil and white charcoal for the highlights on the stripes. I also used a bit of blue for shadow effect. Let me know what you think of my zebra!

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